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Another PalmOS® Free Software project. This one is a replacement for the proprietary Palm HotSync tools commonly found on Windows machines. The tools run on Linux, Unix, Apple, and other non-Windows machines, and allow you to syncronize, back up, install, and otherwise communicate with your PalmOS® Handheld device on these platforms.

The main site is very basic, but gets several thousand hits per-day; mostly downloads and people jumping to the "wiki" pages or the other documentation linked from the site itself.

The development of the site is done entirely in validated XHTML and CSS. There is not a single table tag on the site at all, and it works identically in 13 different browsers on 4 platforms. Maximum attention was spent on detail, layout, and HTML conformance and compliance.

We designed, hosted, and support this site for the developers. We also host and maintain the web-based bug-tracking facilities for them, as well as their revision control system for the software itself.

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