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Mailing Lists

Do you wish you could keep in touch with all of your customers from one central location?

Do you wish that your customers had one common place to give you some feedback on your product or your business?

Do you need a mailing list to keep track of the members in your local hobby club? How about a mailing list!

Mailing lists are a way to keep in touch with many people at once, such as former college alumnus, customers, hobbyist group or anything else. Many people use mailing lists to share cookin grecipes, discuss political viewpoints and share information.

We use software that has a web interface to read and manage the mailing list messages, subscribers, archiving and other factors. You can see some / examples / here.

We can provide you with as many lists as you require, private or public, with a convenient web interface to help manage the mailing lists and membership.

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