Computer, Internet and Graphics Training

Are you confused by the millions of different choices available on the Internet?

Unsure about what it means to have a "secure computer"?

Would you like to be more proficient with your current computer or operating system?

Do you want learn more about that new application you just purchased? We can help!

From the most-basic computer fundamentals to the most-advanced issues such as configuring your wireless network or computer environment, installing and configuring computer "clusters", or applications, we have the tools and knowledge for you!

We can produce a curriculum for any number of people, from 1 to 1,000 or more, covering many different operating systems, including Linux, Microsoft, and Apple environments.

Do you want high-quality printed documentation or courseware to go along with your training workshop? No problem, we can do that too.

Each and every training session is individualized and customized for YOUR needs. Our teacher-led training will guide you at every step.

We can train you, your team or your business in the following areas, with many more available. If you don't see what you're interested in, just ask!

  • Computer 101: Configuration, setup, and security of your computer and operating system. We can cover Linux, Windows, and Apple systems. We're experts in each of them. We can cover the hardware and software of your computer, so you understand each and every part, and know how to make your computer work for you!

  • Optimizing your system: The complement to "Computer 101" above. Making the most of your computer, from optimizing your hardware and applications to operating system performance optimizations you can easily add to get the most out of your computer.

  • The Web Revealed: How the Internet works. Using the best of the Internet tools to your advantage.

    • Understanding firewalls. How to configure, install, and secure your firewall to keep out intruders

    • How to use a search engine effectively. Be a Google Jedi Knight!

    • Computer and email viruses. How they work, and how to avoid them.

    • Using email effectively, including mailing lists, usenet, and direct email.

  • Web Authoring: A full series of workshops on web authoring, webpage design, layout, usability, and other elements to show you how to get your webpage on the Internet, and how to attract visitors to your website. Some topics we'll cover include:
    • Website usability (proper page width, font size, accessibility, and more)

    • How to design a website for the blind, hard-of-hearing, or other impaired audience

    • HTML, XHTML, and CSS and what each of them means to you

    • Optimizing graphics for speed and color palette

    • Using tables effectively (including why NOT to use tables)

    We'll show you how to correctly write HTML, using today's standards, and today's browsers, and show you why some pages work, and why some do not. Perfect for beginning users and and advanced web developers. We'll cover the tools, techniques, and technology at every step for you.
  • Computer Graphics: Do you wish you could make custom graphics like the pros? YOU CAN, and we can help. We can show you how to take existing photographs or images and make them look professional. You can also learn how to make graphics from scratch, like the professionals. We'll teach you the difference between file formats, why one is better than another, and how to make your website as fast as possible for your users.

Just ask, if you want something you don't see here, and we can create it for you!

Some examples of new workshops we've been asked to develop are:

  • eBay Auction Like a Pro: eBay, the world's largest online auction site attracts millions of buyers and sellers. There are a lot of techniques to getting the best out of your purchase or sale. We'll teach you the best day to launch your auction, how to word your auction properly to attract the most buyers, how to verify potential buyers before you close, and much more. We'll teach you how to spot and avoid fraud, and how to get the most for your purchase or sale.

  • Spotting and Avoiding "spam": Are you getting "junk mail" in your email every day? What can you do about it? Lots of tools exist to try to reduce the amount of junk mail or "spam" out on the Internet, but are they working? How are these spammers keeping up? We'll teach you how a spammer thinks, and how to avoid them, using tools, techniques, and some business-smarts.

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