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New Website from Scratch

David E. Hess, owner of an accounting firm in Norwich CT. needed a website to advertise to his clients and partners, his history, expertise and deep knowledge in his industry.

There was no initial website laid out, so we started from scratch, with a very "sparse" layout, something that looked like the "Wall Street Journal"; a financially-driven publication. We started with the basic fluid box layout, and added the proper fonting and "columnar" kind of layout that is indicative of an accounting or tax form.

From there, we laid in some graphics to dress up each page, and populated it with some content to fill in the missing areas. The site is still being filled out and more content is being developed for it, but the overall layout really works well. The site is fast, lean, and caters to the exact kind of audience that David E. Hess wants to attract.

As with everything we do, the content of the site is 100% validated and works in all of our test browsers (currently 13 in our basic test suite).

David E. Hess Custom Site

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